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Your Challenges, Our Expertise.


Innovative ideas can only be implemented if people are having them in the first place. That makes individual creativity one of the most precious resources in business.

Establishing a culture of improvement through innovation is easier said than done. Fortunately, we can build on our growing understanding of the brain mechanisms of complex problem solving, creativity, gut feeling, and insights.

Leading organisations shouldn’t be a matter of assumptions and opinions. Successful business relies on ideas that are validated through real-life experiments. This holds in particular for product development, change management and business process re-engineering activities.

It takes expertise, courage and rigour to perform experiments beyond trial&error. Brain research reveals mechanisms that make this particularly challenging: unconscious biases, status strategies and threat responses.


Success happens when capable people engage in collaboration across functions towards joint goals. 

This doesn’t happen as often as we would like. Despite our social nature, we collaborate fully only when we experience it as beneficial and fair. Understanding the brain mechanisms discovered by social neuroscience helps us make engagement go viral.

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