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We coach organisations and their leaders.

We improve business agility through applied neuroscience: we provide an objective understanding of brain patterns, translated to leadership principles and practices. 

We enable organisations to realise their own sustainable and impactful improvements.

Business Agility

Businesses are constantly in a state of revolution, whether they realise it or not. Their success depends on their people’s ability to perform complex activities: innovate, learn, add value and engage in teamwork. 

We focus on skills that enable Innovation, Experimentation and Engagement.

A New Set of Skills

For complex activities, we need to look beyond traditional hard and soft skills. Hard Skills are often inadequate and even counterproductive. Soft skills offer no guarantee to produce desired results. 

We specialise in complex skill development, leveraging and integrating rational and emotional abilities.

Objective Leadership

Our approach is sensible and practical, yet often counter-intuitive. We draw from neuroscience research because it identifies objectively what the brain needs to be healthy and productive.

We provide leaders with principles and practices that stimulate the development of complex skills throughout the organisation.

Our Services

Always tailor-made

Every organisation has unique strengths and challenges, so we avoid offering solutions before we fully understand your situation. 

We have been servicing most of our customers for 3-5 years, offering a mix of:

  • Executive coaching (e.g. IS delivery center management at Engie)
  • Change leadership coaching
  • Learning tracks, a combination of training sessions and guided hands-on practice (e.g. School of Agile Leadership at Engie).
  • Foundational training sessions (e.g. Agile@SBS at Solvay)
  • Inspirational keynote sessions
  • Interim change, innovation & lean/agile operations management

We Think &&, We Go BEYOND

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